Newest Terminal

Receive the most advanced payment device with the latest EMV Smart Card and contact-less terminal for FREE ($349 value) with activation of a new NPC merchant account. Take a look at the latest Credit and Debit card terminal and see if this is right for you

Card issuing banks are now embedding a chip into their credit and debit cards to reduce fraudulent “swiped” transactions – making your transactions safe and secure. After October 2015, your business will assume liability of any fraudulent transaction if you continue to swipe cards instead of using the new and improved EMV technology. Smartphone payments will dramatically change the way most of us use our credit or debit cards.   The new EMV (Europe MasterCard Visa) Smart Chip Card and NFC Contact-less Terminal also supports smartphone payments like Apple Pay.

It is equipped with:

    • EMV Smart Chip Card reader (and swiper)
    • Contact-less NFC reader for wireless credit/debit card and Smartphone payments (i.e. Apple Pay) Dual Connectivity – internet or telephone line
    • Faster processor and increased memory
    • You can also add a customer-facing PIN Pad with an EMV Smart Card and NFC Contactless reader for just $145.00