Free EMV Smart Chip Terminals Plus

We’ll provide a Free credit/debit card terminal and support your business with the latest and most secure technology to accept all forms of payments like Chip & PIN, Apple PaySamsung Pay, and Tap & Go wireless cards… Or let us add a Free customer interactive PIN Pad and integrate your POS and accounting systems with the latest quick pay technologies.

Broad Array of Solutions

Can you handle whatever payment method your customers throw at you? NPC Secure is a virtual POS terminal that lets you quickly, easily, and securely accept a variety of electronic payments on your PC or laptop. No additional equipment necessary.

Complete Range of Payment Types

Your customers are on the go, on multiple devices. You should be, too. With NPC Mobile you can accept payments anywhere you conduct business without the need for additional equipment.

Free EMV Smart Chip PIN Pad Plus

Free EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) PIN Pad and support to elevate your Point of Sale system with the latest and more secure quick pay technologies like Chip & PIN, Apple PaySamsung Pay and Tab & Go wireless cards…  Integrated with QuickBooks.

Payment Processing Solutions for Every Type of Business


Grow Your Business and Your Revenue by Accepting NPC Payments


More and more consumers and businesses are purchasing products and services online. You need to be where it is most convenient for your customers to buy that is quick, convenient, and secure. Grow your business and your revenue by accepting NPC Payments. You will find our eCommerce solutions allow you to process customers’ payments directly through your website regardless of the type of business you operate.

In addition if you take payments by mail, over the phone or other online ways, there are a variety of options available to you.

When you team up with NPC Payments you will find a customized approach to your payment processing that makes your business just a little easier. Take a look at the top reasons to Choose NPC Payments:

Top 10 Tips to Protect Against Credit Card Fraud

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Performance and Reliability

Your payments are critical and we have a platform that uses the industry’s best practices for load balancing and high availability to ensure payments are processed quickly and reliably.

Adaptive Technologies

Work the way you work rather than being forced to adapt to a rigid solution. Some of the benefits include a more intuitive workflow, reduction in training and greater sales conversions.

Broad Array of Solutions

This is the only payment processor your business will need. Take advantage of full-service, customizable payment processing solutions. With our comprehensive services you can process credit cards, accept ACH/eCheck payments, set up recurring billing and verify checks simply, efficiently and securely.

Secure and CompliantSolution

There are so many threats that exist today and it is critical that you partner with a payment provider who will maintain the privacy and safety of your sensitive data. You will find compliance with the strictest standards, and we are continually striving to exceed them.

Complete Range of Payment Types

Designed from the ground up to work with all popular payment methods including card-based and electronic check. This ground up approach results in seamless usage and integration that isn’t found in other solutions found in the marketplace today.

Bottom Line, Competitive Pricing

All processors have roughly the same costs and it can be tricky to compare with competitors. You will find competitive rates and we promise not to employ pricing trickery as some of our competitors do.

NPC Payments are There for You

It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate or how you operate, what matters is NPC Payments can be there with you every step of the way. We are local payment specialists that are powered with the latest payment equipment, 24 hour support and the most advanced payment systems at the best-guaranteed rates.

We believe in honest and open pricing so there are no hidden surprises. When comparing pricing, keep in mind that our merchant accounts include gateway services, recurring billing and tokenization at no additional monthly or per transaction cost.

NPC is Proud to be an Accredited Business

NPC is the recipient of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and is committed to upholding the highest behavioral standards in its interactions with and service to its customers.

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